Quick Solutions to Annoying Window Cleaning Problems

Streaks, spots, thick layers of grime, all of these things can mar the appearance of your beautiful windows. You wash and you wipe and when you’re done, your windows still aren’t looking their best. It can be frustrating, to say the least.

We’re going to help you avoid those issues by discussing some quick and easy solutions to those annoying window cleaning problems. Whether it’s cleaning on a sunny day or the wrong type of tool for the job, these little fixes will correct your mistakes and your windows virginia beach will look as new as the day they were installed.

Use Plenty of Cleaning Solution

One of the most basic reasons why windows don’t look clean is because you’re not using enough fluid. You spray a couple of times and start wiping, but when you’re done it doesn’t look like you did much cleaning.

The key is to cover the entire surface of the window with your cleaner, then start wiping. This way you’re sure to have enough fluid to do the job properly.

Sunny Day Go Away

It’s a gorgeous day out. Why not get some cleaning done? That’s the mindset many of us have on those bright days but that can be a bad idea when it comes to cleaning your windows. The sun can actually make the job more difficult because it shines down on the lather on the window and when you wipe, that can leave streaks.

It’s the same concept as having too little cleaning fluid, trying to wash a window dry will result in unwanted streaks. The next time you want to go outside to clean the windows, pick a cloudy or even overcast day to do the job. The lather won’t dry up as quickly and your work will look much better.

The Wrong Tools

No matter what job you’re trying to accomplish, it helps to have the right tools to get it done successfully. For window cleaning, it’s no different. You need the proper tools and materials if you want your cleaning job to go smoothly.

This means using soft materials made of fibers that aren’t abrasive and won’t harm the window. A sponge will also do the trick for lathering your window panes and a squeegee is the most effective for clearing away moisture and water. A soft cloth is all you need to dry the window. Those three tools made of the proper materials will ensure that your windows are clean whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or you plan to winterize your home.

Observe From Every Angle

How many times have you cleaned your window only to find you missed a spot or a streak has been left behind? You didn’t see it before, how did it get there? The truth is it’s been there the whole time, you just didn’t observe the glass from all angles.

Get into the habit of looking at the glass from every point of view, that way you can eliminate all of those unsightly smudges and streaks. It might take a little longer to get the job done, but you’ll be confident in knowing it was done right!