Routine Tasks That Keep Your Yard Looking Great

spring yard cleaning. That means taking care of the yard by doing the simple everyday things that are necessary.  These include mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and clearing away those fallen twigs and branches that can mess up the appearance of a well-manicured lawn.

Not to mention making the yard an enjoyable place to live and play by warding off those annoying pests and other flying nuisances that can ruin a good time.  So what does it take to keep your yard looking great? The following are a couple of the best tips for doing just that and ensuring that your lawn is in top shape all year round: 

Watering the Lawn

Yes, you need to water your lawn but the thing that most homeowners don’t realize is there are two ways to do it – the right way and the wrong way. That’s right, you could be watering your yard improperly and, in doing so, you’re making it look bad.  The main factor here is moisture. Namely, how much of it is in the air. Homes that are located in regions of high humidity are at a greater risk of having damaged lawns because the homeowner isn’t taking the humidity into account when choosing to water their yard.  High humidity combined with too much watering of the grass is going to make it look as if you haven’t spent five minutes on caring for your grass. Watch out for blades that have a bluish hue and appear to be wilted, this is a clear indication that your grass is suffering from too much watering. 

Pet Messes

Nothing makes a yard look worse than dog poop. When a homeowner doesn’t keep an eye on the messes that the dog is making outside, the lawn is usually the first to suffer. That’s because when dog feces is allowed to sit in a yard for any length of time, the grass can actually yellow in those areas, killing the leaves and ruining the appearance of the yard.  That’s where DoodyCalls comes in. Call us to manage your pet waste and we can assure you that your lawn will look its best because you won’t have the concern of fecal matter affecting it’s appearance. Not to mention fecal matter in the yard is also unhealthy for you and your family.

Your lawn is where you all relax and play, there’s nothing more disgusting than running around in bare feet and stepping in something your dog has left behind.  So keep your yard clean and healthy by having your pet’s waste removed on a routine basis by your local DoodyCalls representatives. We can book routine visits to clear away all of your pet’s fecal matter from your yard and surrounding landscaping areas on your schedule for undeniable results. Your family, your guests, and your grass will thank you.