Self-watering Planters: Why Lechuza Solutions Are Better Than DIY Ones?

Here comes the beautiful season: it’s time to let the balconies bloom! With the approaching spring, the time has finally come to give new life and new color to our terraces or outdoor spaces.

For those who are thinking of giving their home a spring touch, the most charming and fun solution is to start choosing the flowers and plants that best suit our climate and the style of our home.

A modern terrace is suitable for hosting elegant olive tree or bonsai trees of citrus fruits, camellias and succulent plants in more particular shapes. Those who want a romantic balcony will have the vast choice of roses in soft colors, climbing or falling ivy in all shades of green, and those who have decided for a traditional flower cannot miss geraniums, petunias and surfinie, with their soft and brilliant flowers and leaves of a beautiful green decided.

The convenience of self-watering

The choice of flowers and plants suited to our aesthetic tastes often clashes with the irrigation needs that each plant presents, especially if we are far-sighted people and we know that sooner or later we will go on vacation and we will have to face the problem of an irrigation system often … non-existent.

There are those who mass the plants in the bathtub and hold them on the bricks, those who fill the jars with upturned bottles, those who hang buckets and buckets throughout the house to irrigate with terracotta and those who resign themselves to ask the neighbor to please home, or to abandon the plants to their sad and arid fate in our absence.

However, there are some brilliant self-watering systems that allow you to integrate the water reserve already in the vessel, like Lechuza self-watering planters.

They are very simple systems that allow you to stimulate the roots of the plants so that they stretch to catch the water you need, drawing from a hidden reserve inside the pot itself. With this system it is enough to “train” and plants for 12 weeks, so that they are ready to make do while we are on vacation.

A flowery and furnished balcony

The Lechuza solutions for plant irrigation are very versatile and adapt to any type of balcony, terrace or windowsill. The very useful Lechuza planter allow not only to go on vacation in all serenity, but guarantee us the most beautiful plants all year long, since the earth never dries up and the plant manages to manage its water supply well.

Goodbye to daily runs with the watering can in hand and to the saucers overflowing with water: just check the small indicator on the jar to see if you need a small top up.

Lechuza planter are beautiful and durable and available in different styles and colors, from the most classic cottage style models to the most modern futuristic style models. They can also be equipped with gratings for climbing plants or combined with convenient hooks to hang them on railings and railings.