Simple Ways to Make Your Rooms Feel Bigger

How much wasted space is there in your living room? What about your bedroom? There are simple things that you can do to help create more room inside of your home without making any drastic changes. In fact, you may not have to make any big changes at all to make your home feel much larger and more spacious.

The number one complaint that is associated with people who feel like they need to have a bigger home is that it feels dark. A dark home is always going to feel smaller than a home that has an ample amount of light filtering in through the windows of the home. Often times, the windows are there, but the blinds and shutters that the residents have on the windows are keeping the lighting out of the home.

Updating and replacing the blinds that are currently in your home is a great way to encourage a lot more lit to filter in through the window. If you currently have wooden slat window blinds you may need to blinds that spend the majority of the time at the top of the window unlike slatted blinds. Slatted blinds are very pretty, but they do filter a lot of light outside of your home.

The slats on the blinds are keeping light of your home that may be necessary in order to make your home feel larger and less dark. If you can encourage more light to filter into your home your rooms are going to feel bigger and you are going to feel less inclined to purchase a new larger home.

An excutive at a Hunter Douglas dealers store should be able to help assist you in choosing which blinds are going to be a better alternative. You may need rolling blinds instead that will allow more light into your home during the day, but also keep out the unwanted light and attention that comes into you home when it is dark outside.

You may also need to update the color of your home. Dark wall colors and furniture will make your space feel smaller. Updating your wall colors to a more bright color, or a subtle white is going to make your home feel brighter which in return is going to make it feel much larger as well.

These are just a few suggestions that we have for homeowners who feel their homes are too small and dark. Our first suggestion is definitely for you to update the blinds. Blinds are going to be much more affordable than buying a new home or adding on to your existing home. We would then suggest that you update the wall color of your home and maybe even consider replacing some of your heavy, dark furniture that is in your home.

We expect that you will be pleasantly surprised how big of a difference it will make inside of your home if you have a space that is bright. You may not need to make a big investment in a new home if you take these small steps to update your home.