Transforming a Basement Into an Indoor Tropical Greenhouse

Sealing Winter Drafts and Replacing Windows Tropical plants tend to be very sensitive to cold air. Drafts through doorways, inefficient windows, and holes within foundation walls (such as installation holes or pipe exits) can leak enormous amounts of cold air. All drafts should be sealed with putty, while inefficient windows should be replaced with thick double panes. For those on a budget, windows could also be sealed with thick plastic. Any doorways leading outside should have sufficient weather stripping to stop cold air from entering.

Sealing Against Leaks & Fungal Diseases

When water leaks into a basement, it can create a massive humid mess that can be dangerous to plants. While most tropical plants do enjoy a humid environment, they do not enjoy fungal infections. A moist basement is a breeding ground for mold and fungus, which thrive in cool, dark, damp areas. Waterproofing contractors Illinois can waterproof a basement in order to keep leaks from happening or to stop them. After the basement has been sealed, ensure that the floors and walls are properly bleached to kill any remaining fungal colonies.

Investing in Lights & Heating

In order for the plants to thrive, they will need plenty of light and heat. Most tropical plants prefer temperatures within the 70’s and 80’s, with many becoming sensitive to temperatures that dip into the 50’s. With the right mix of light and heat, the small tropical wonderland will be able to flourish. Even limes, lemons, and oranges could be grown in a basement.

Aggressive Pest Control

Spiders, roaches, rats, mice, and snakes would absolutely love a heated basement with adequate foliage to feed on and nest in. It is important to make these creatures feel unsafe within the basement. This can be achieved by baiting the space heavily, removing excess food or water sources, and cleaning frequently.

If a particular pest seems to be hard to get rid of, try contacting a professional exterminator. With the explosion of interest in urban gardening, transforming the most underutilized room in the house into a tropical greenhouse is a pretty neat project to undertake. Not only could beautiful tropical plants be grown and bred, food could be produced as well.