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 Can be way to remove weeds

destroying the weeds. You can buy a scorcher for weed with propane powder from any garden store. You just need to thrown the flame on the particular area of weeds and it will bur the whole mess and dry grass as well. Fire will reduce all the moisture of those weeds and it will die in few days. Fire would kill weeds quickly and easily.

Weed killers: There are numbers of best weed killers available in the market. There are two types of weed killers with different skills: Pre- Emergent and Post-Emergent. Different weed killers work with different ways like contact weed killers kills those plants which comes in their contact, when you will spray this kind of weed killer into your garden you can see the result in few days. The other weed killer is Systemic weed killer; this weed killer kills the weed from its root it also reduces the number of weeds growing again and again. It takes some time for better result so you must have to wait for that.

Pulling them out: Pulling those weeds out sound so easy but sometimes it is not, not for those deep rooted and stubborn weeds. But yes sometimes a child can do that, the best time to pulling them out is when the soil is moist with water, and then you can slowly pull them from roots. The other way is that you must careful about your garden and pull them out when they are young and weak. There is also a trick with those pulled weeds that you can mix them with your compost then weeds will work like a savior for your healthy and beautiful garden.

Suffocate the weeds: Like any other plants weeds also need sunlight and water. You can prevent your garden from new weeds and the old by suffocating them. You simply need some garden mulch and old newspaper. Cover the affected area with many newspaper large strips and put some garden mulch on tip of the newspaper. The final result will amaze you; the weed will die from suffocation and never grow again. If some weeds are old and strong enough then use more newspaper and cover them properly that it can’t able to have sunlight from anywhere. This is also an effective way that kills weeds by suffocation.