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Landscaping Ideas That You’ll Surely Love

landscaping ideas and inspiration. You’ve come to the right place! After all, a backyard can be turned into a comfy and stylish place for you to relax in. Create your very own oasis right behind your house and enjoy your holidays in the comfort of your own home.
This project is especially great for urban residences especially when you want to create a beautiful garden or a simple place to plant some vegetables. Just because you’re in a city, doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive outdoor living room.
Whether you are an expert or a newbie in landscaping, a simple small back can pose a significant challenge. Turning a back into a beautiful garden requires a lot of work, but we’re here to help. In this article, we have outlined some of the best Houston landscaping ideas to inspire you to create your dream back.

1. Add flowers for a pop of color

Flowers can turn any home into a beautifully designed place. Decorate your yard with flowers that can last all year round. Pick the perennials and annuals variety. Here are some great flowers to add to your entryway – Snapdragon, Lily-of-the-Nile, Gertrude Jekyll roses, and Petunia.
If you have a fence, it’s a great place to hang some flowers and vines. Once you have put these in place, don’t forget to give them the care that they deserve. Often check for pests and spray some pesticides if needed. Make sure that your flowers thrive.

2. Grow low maintenance plants

Having low maintenance plants work great when you are busy and rarely have time to maintain your garden. A good example is the Crinums which can survive droughts, hot temperatures and don’t need any fertilizer. These beautiful lilies make an excellent addition to any home with all its colors.

3. Grow a few vines

Choose the flowering ones to make your yard look more romantic than before. Those green tendrils will look great with any fence and column. For a budget hack, you can create your very own column where your vines can grow.
Clematis is one of the best vines there is in making your yard look lovely. It has different color types including blue, red, white, pink and purple. They’ll make an excellent addition to your garden.

4. Make use of baskets and planters

Boost your landscaping design by adding some height to your garden. A few planters and baskets will go a long way. In doing so, you add some layers and visual appeal to your yard.
Plant three types of flowers, a filler, a thriller and a spiller. The filler mainly fills the spaces in; the thriller will be the showiest and center while the spiller will be used to spill over the basket and add in a bit of glamour.


Landscaping shouldn’t be a hard task. With a few tips and hacks here and there, you’ll be able to create the perfect garden. Try some of our recommendations and watch as your garden blooms. Now, if you own a great looking yard but don’t have time to do some landscaping, ask the professionals for help such as the Houston Landscaping Source.