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Useful Tips To Take Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plants

bamboo indoor plants are the essential elements of Feng Shui that are known to bring good luck and prosperity, especially if they are given as gifts. People often keep these plants at home, offices, work desk or shops to enhance the interior décor and bring in the much-needed good luck and success in their life or business. Though these plants can survive with minimal care for a very long time, there are specific factors that you need to keep in mind to encourage their proper growth.

So here we will provide the useful tips to ensure the healthy growth of the lucky bamboo plants.

Proper Light

Lucky bamboo plants grow well in bright, indirect sunlight. The direct sunlight will scorch their leaves so try to avoid it, if possible. If you notice that the green bamboo plants begin to stretch or fade away then provide more light to them.

Water at Regular Intervals

Lucky bamboo plants can grow well in a vase filled with pebbles and an inch of water. Their roots should always be covered with water. These plants are quite sensitive to chlorine and the harmful chemicals found in tap water. So always water the Feng Shui bamboo plants with bottled or distilled water. You can change their water every week to make sure the bacteria don’t start to grow up.

Well-drained Soil

The lucky bamboo plants thrive better in well-drained, rich potting soil. You are advised to keep the soil moist but not overly wet as that may affect the growth of the plants.

Proper Temperature

The lucky bamboo plants grow well in warm temperature ranging from 65-95°F that makes them perfect for growing in the home or office environment. Never keep these plants in front of air conditioners or heating vents as they may interrupt with their proper growth.


The lucky bamboo plants grow well in water, but you can feed them the liquid fertilizer once in a month for their proper growth. There are specific plant food and fertilizers for lucky bamboo plants, and you should only use them.

Trimming & Shaping

The lucky bamboo plants are green in colour but if you notice any of the stems is yellow that means the plant is sick. It is advisable to remove the yellow part of the stem or the stem entirely so that the disease doesn’t spread to the other parts of the plant.

Always consider the tips mentioned above to take the best care of your lucky bamboo plants. You can also order lucky bamboo from Ferns N Petals online to give as a token of good luck and success to your loved ones on their special occasions.