Discover the Pros and Cons of Cast Iron Cookware What You Didn’t Dare to Ask About Your Cast Iron Pan

Advantages of cast iron

  1. Maintains high temperatures for longer

It takes a while before a cast iron pan is warm, but when the pan is hot, it stays that way so long. That’s why you prefer a cast iron pan than regular frying pan. You can roast dishes at a low temperature that way.

  1. Lifelong is good

The pan cannot break and will last for generations. However, you must, of course, be careful with temperature shocks and dropping the pan.

  1. Increasingly better

A cast-iron pan is porous (permeable by pores), and by forming much oil, there is a natural anti-stick coating. The oil goes into the pores of the pan and melts with the container. This addition makes the pan better for baking. Disadvantages of cast iron

  1. Heavyweight

Cast iron pans are heavy. They are less suitable for shaking with the pan.

  1. Some are quite fragile

The pan must entirely not fall, because then it can break. You also have to watch out for large temperature differences. So do not move at once from very hot to very cold; this causes the cast iron to burst.

  1. Maintenance

A cast iron pan needs more maintenance. You don’t want your cast iron cookware to rust just a month after you bought it; this can be prevented by rubbing a little oil into the pan after washing it.

  1. No anti-sticking layer

There is no chemical anti-sticking layer on the pan. Especially if the pan is new, you need more oil when baking. Protein-rich dishes are somewhat more difficult to prepare in a cast iron pan because they stick more. A solution for this is to cook with a little more oil.

  1. Not suitable for acidic ingredients

The natural non-stick coating that a cast iron pan gets over time is sensitive to acidic ingredients. For example, the pan is less ideal for making tomato sauce.  Besides all the pros and cons we just mentioned, cast iron cookware is extremely karmic. If you treat it well, you will taste some of the best dishes you have ever made. When it comes to the precautions you should take, always remember that a cast iron pan should not be put away when it’s still wet. This condition can cause it to rust.

The best thing to do is to put a drop of oil into the pan after each washing and spread it over the entire surface. For those who find this too much work there are also cast-iron frying pans for sale with an enamel layer. This layer is made of molten glass and protects the pan against rust and acid.

Enamel is very durable and resistant to the effects of chemical substances. You do not have to burn an enamelled pan; this is of no use. Because of the enamel layer, the natural anti-stick layer that would create a pan without enamel over time works less well. With a pan without enamel layer, the oil will adhere better, and you will get a better anti-stick coating.  With such pans, there is a possibility that the enamel is broken, although that hardly occurs with quality brand such as Velosan.

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