How important it is to keep your kitchen clean and Healthy yourself


The base of good health starts with a clean kitchen. Clean kitchen means cleaner and hygienic foods; the cleaner you eat the healthy you will stay throughout your life.

But how can you keep a kitchen clean? It isn’t that hard to take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen as people assume here are some tips to keep the bacteria and all the unhealthy stuff away. The ways in which you can keep your kitchen clean are:


The 1st and the most important are keeping your hands clean while cooking because hygiene starts with oneself.  Our hands touch a lot of places while cooking like fridge handles, can openers, kitchen towels, etc and as all these things are high on bacteria count so, we should keep our hands clean.


Always clean the worktops before starting with preparing your food and after you’re done preparing it, scrub away and clean all the leftover food and dispose of it properly, you can also use the best garbage disposal for this purpose. After getting rid of the leftover food, wash it thoroughly and carefully (especially after being used for raw meat). Also never put ready to eat food like salads, sandwiches doughnuts, etc on the worktop because it has been touched by raw meat and raw meat contains bacteria which are extremely harmful- even after washing the tops never put ready to eat stuff on it as bacteria doesn’t leave the surface that easily.

Kitchen Utensils:

Utensils include all the kitchen tools like knives, spoons, forks, pots, pans, etc. It is important that you keep all your kitchen utensils clean, wash them before using and after using carefully because if they are not clean they are going to spread germs. Wash them with hot water (preferably) as it will clean the grease and the germs.


Kitchen clots must be cleaned constantly because dirty, wet and damp cloths are the best place for the germs to grow. The best way to clean a kitchen cloth is to wash them with boiling water and then let it dry properly before using again. Another option is that you can also use disposable kitchen wipes and dispose of them every few days but they are also needed to be kept clean. Tea towels are also included in kitchen cloth list and should also be cleaned regularly because they are also full of bacteria.

Kitchen Trash:

Kitchen trash should be kept at bay. The kitchen trash if not easily disposed of can become the house of roaches, flies and other small creatures. In every kitchen, there should be a proper trashcan which should be emptied and washed regularly and the trash should be disposed of accurately in order to keep the germination to its minimum.

In short, you must keep your kitchen as clean as possible; invest your time in keeping it clean and the fruit you will get for it will be a healthy family.