What Are the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles?

popular kitchen cabinet styles to incorporate into the interior décor of your home and kitchen, you need not look too far and wide to identify the one that fits best. But you do need to take your current kitchen layout as a jumping off point for making your decision. Some styles can be incorporated into multiple décor schemes while some styles are only going to work best in just one or two, at most. For example, if you have a contemporary home, your kitchen cabinet style options are going to be limited to those that would work best in a contemporary kitchen. It’s all about matching or, at the very least complementing, your kitchen’s present aesthetics with careful consideration for the countertops, the color scheme, the floors, and so on. The next step in your decision is to consider if you can salvage what you already have installed through Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing or do you need to replace what you have now with something entirely different and brand new. Perhaps your cabinets no longer function properly or there is significant damage. Making this choice is entirely up to your determination. Now let’s go over some of the most popular types of kitchen cabinets that homeowners typically install:

Traditional Cabinets

A majority of homes have these cabinets in their kitchens. They are highly popular due to their beadboard motifs and raised panel facades. Your choice of colors is almost endless, with traditional cabinets available in the full spectrum of colors along with white and neutral tones. More than just the appearances, traditional cabinets come with a range of features, options, and accessories.

Shaker Cabinets

The shaker cabinet style is another one that you can find in a lot of kitchens. They are recognizable by their flat panel doors, rail frames, and wood grain finishes. You will mostly find shaker cabinets in neutral shades and tones which is the main reason why they work so well in just about any architectural style and interior décor scheme. Modern shaker cabinets can still be found all over the place too, in case you were worried about shaker cabinets fitting in your modern home

Rustic Cabinets

While traditional and shaker cabinets are suitable for use in many types of homes, rustic cabinets are one of those styles that are really ideal for a home that can support this type of aesthetic. You can place these cabinets into a farmhouse style home or country cabin architectural type. They are identifiable by the matte finish and a homemade, modest appearance that looks as if they were built by hand. Finishing the appearance are wrought-iron hardware and accents to complete the familiar and homey feel.

Glass Door Cabinets

What makes glass doors so popular is the ability to see through the doors at what is on the shelves inside without opening them. The glass can be clear, frosted, or patterned so you have some versatility as to the overall aesthetic of the doors. Those glass door fronts are often found on the higher cabinet tiers than the lower, so you can place anything you want to show off at eye level.