Patio Deck Plans – Online Resources

Patio deck plans can be found on the internet by simply doing a search for what best suits your plans for what you want to do. Do you need a deck for a hot tub spa, an above ground pool, or for just barbecuing delicious family meals for your crew. Outdoor deck plans come in many sizes, lumbers, and designs complete with who to call to do the install.

Construction Guide For Free

A great resource on how to build your patio deck plan for do it yourself builders, deck contractors, and building inspectors is This 10 page building guide goes into great detail of how to build your own customized deck. It gives direction on ledger board attachment, framing, stairs, rails and frost footings. It will give that personal insight that you may need to start building your backyard paradise.


There are several great websites which will help you find a patio deck plan for a professionally designed deck that will have your neighbors drooling with envy. Functionality, strengths in building in high, low, and medium elevations, and attractiveness are all some of the basic principles of finding the right patio deck plan for you. Some have plans which are down-loadable in PDF format that fast, safe, secure and user friendly.

Porch Roof Page

Most Patio deck plans will also include the porch roof page that shows you how the construction would look once introduced to your deck style. The angle and length are given for the hand framed rafters. Those plans should be in agreement with current IRC code to support 80 lbs. per square ft. loading. Typical porch detail planning should show the recommended process of how you do the tying in of the house roof to your patio deck.


In this current economy long expensive family vacations are out of the question with most working folk. Some see a more practical approach for how to get more bang for their buck.

By making the right decision on what patio deck plan to build you can have an outdoor paradise every summer right in your own backyard. You will not only improve the value of your property, but contribute to the over all ambiance of your neighborhood.

Put your money where your heart is. You nurture relationships with family and friends for a lifetime. Why not have a place to meet for those good times. At the hot tub, backyard pool, grilling center, gazebo, or whatever you want to construct.

Put a patio plan in your future and put some pizazz back in your lifestyle. Invite the neighbors for some fun in the sun that you will have right at your fingertips. You have only one life, so live it!

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