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How to know if it is time to replace your roof?

you safe and protected, it still needs some maintenance on yearly and monthly basis so that some sudden accident won’t get you in trouble. The roofs are one of these things that call for inspection and maintenance tasks on regular basis. An intact and complete roof is your token to safety from the extreme weather conditions as well. Alas, it is the roof that gets neglected the most and until it’s too late for the repair, we keep ignoring it.

So if you have till now ignored the roof for repair and maintenance, then this is the time you should give it a thought and for this we have gathered here are tips to determine whether you need a replacement or not. According to the experts in the roof and roof installation, the ideal time to check for the stability and durability of the roof is after every six months. You could stay out of trouble if you keep checking it regularly. For more information, you can visit

  • Check the age of the roof

To understand whether you roof needs a replacement or not, the best thing is to follow the rule of the thumb for two decades. If your roof has been installed for 20 years, now is the time to get a new one as it has seen quite sufficient years of extreme weather. You can always call a professional to look for the age and condition of the roof and then decide for the replacement.

  • Perform the eyeball test

Another simple yet effective test that you can perform to check whether the roof has lived its life or not, is the eyeball test. For this, you will have to go to the street or a point farther from the house and look at the house. Check the details of the house from that far place and see if you find it too much withered and bad looking. If so, you will need to replace it sooner before it becomes the eyesore in the street.

  • Check the paint condition

Another simple test is to check the paint of the roof. If it is peeling off a lot from all the places then the roof surely needs an immediate attention from you. Another way is to check the paint of the points from inside of the house where the roof meets the walls. The condition of the paint at those points will reveal if you need the replacement and fixing or not.

  • The energy bill

The roof of the house serves as a blanket for the house and it protects the inmates from the heat and cold of the outside weather. The higher energy bills prove that the insulation of the roof is wearing off and you need to replace it.