Six Contacts You Can Call in Case of a Home Repair and Maintenance Crisis

Homeowners have tons of responsibilities. This does not only include cleaning our houses and paying the bills, property taxes, and insurance. We are the ones responsible for keeping our homes in tip-top condition. Maintaining our homes sometimes meant calling in professionals to do regular maintenance and repair. Why hire someone to do this for you if you can search for a quick fix on the Internet?

There are home maintenance and repair projects that require the expertise of licensed and experienced professionals. The following are some of the most critical contacts every homeowner should have on hand in case of a home repair and maintenance crisis:


One contact you should always have in your phone is a number of a competent plumber. There are lots of reliable plumbers available to help you fix your leaking pipes in Salt Lake City. Water heater repair is also sometimes necessary. Have you just gotten a new plumbing fixture, or do you have a low water pressure? Know that such tasks require the services of an expert plumber to resolve the issue asap and prevent further damage.


In cases of any electrical home improvement, repair, or maintenance project, call in a licensed electrician. It is important to note that you should never handle any electrical issues by yourself. The problem may seem relatively minor, such as a buzzing sound, outlets that are warm to the touch, and flickering lights. Electricity is something one should never attempt to play with. Make sure to call in a licensed electrician to your aid.


 A locksmith nowadays is not only adept in picking locks. Some now offer to change your locks into high-security ones, making your home more secure. Whether you need help in securing your home with brand-new and high-quality locks or you need help in picking the locks of your car or home, just give your trusty old locksmith a call.

Pest Control Specialist

 There may come a time when your home can get infested with rats, ants, cockroaches, or even termites. Such a pest problem can cause damage to your properties and injuries. It can also pose as a health risk if left alone. You can eradicate such problem by calling in a pest control company that you can trust.

HVAC Technician

 For your heating and air-conditioning system to work efficiently and last longer, it needs regular maintenance and repair. If you hear a strange noise from your HVAC system, if your heat pump fails to operate correctly, or if your thermostat sends alerts noting operations outside an HVAC operation, call in your HVAC technician.

Mold Remediation Specialist

 If you find mold inside your home, it will be best to call in a mold remediation specialist to resolve the issue asap. Mold can cause health issues to arise such as coughs and sinus congestion of skin rashes. How do you know when to call in an expert? When you find a musty smell, visible mold growth, and discolored walls. Make sure to also call in a specialist in case of a flooding incident.

These are just some of the six contacts every homeowner should save in their phone book in case of home repair or maintenance crisis. Make sure to have their phone numbers in handy, and you get to resolve some of the most common home repair and maintenance issues in no time.