Best Ways to Deodorise Your Carpet

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carpet cleaning services throughout Auckland. As the professionals have industrial tools, cleaning products and equipment which are a lot more effective than store bought products. Baking Soda Baking soda is a great natural deodorizer, that is safe to use around pets and children. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with carpet odors. To apply liberally sprinkle a layer of baking soda across the carpet, and leave it to sit for a few hours. The baking soda naturally acts as a deordoriser, although if your carpet is very smelly it is best to go around with a cloth and rub the baking soda deep into the carpet before leaving it to sit. Then all you need to do is vacuum the baking soda out with your vacuum cleaners, and hopefully the smell will come out with it. Although it really depends how strong the odour is, if there is still a bad smell you can just repeat the process.

Vinegar Removing odours from your carpets does not have to be expensive. One of the best natural deodorisers is vinegar! Vinegar is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way to deodorize almost anything in your home. To deodorize carpet or rugs, you can use the a homemade deordoriser made of vinegar and baking soda, left to fizz then placed in a spray bottle. A spray bottle works best to get an even coverage over the carpet. Although it is also effective to use straight vinegar. Although it is important to remember to test in a small inconspicuous area before applying to the entire carpet to check for colorfastness, although vinegar should not damage carpets. You can use either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, and although there will be a vinegary smell initially this will dissipate over time.

Essential Oils  come in a range of delicious fragrances, they are readily available from chemists, they can act as a great natural way to deodorize your homes carpet. But be sure to spot test any homemade solution made with essential oils before undertaking nay major cleaning.

Steam Cleaners  can be rented at most grocery and department stores and can be used to clean the carpets more deeply than blotting. There are also odor-fighting cleaning solutions that can be added to the water for extra cleaning. They are a good way to refresh your homes carpet as they shoot hot water deep into the piles of your carpet. Pulling out dirt, oils, grease and grime along the way. This will help to make your carpets look plusher and smell a lot fresher.

Ammonia , while being constantly used to clean bathrooms and kitchens, is not always in the spotlight when talking about carpet cleaning. What many are unaware of is that using this affordable ingredient to remove strong smells can be really useful. You can do this by mixing a teaspoon of clear, white ammonia inside spray bottle and applying a considerate amount of it onto the place where the odor is originating from. It is cheap and you won’t have to spend a lot of money or time waiting in lines to get the job done. Although be sure to spot test the solution before using.

Professional Carpet Cleaning In most cases, it’s worth a shot to try and remove stains and smells from your carpet yourself. But if you try the above methods and still can’t seem to get rid of the unpleasant odours. It is probably best to call in the professionals, such as Endeavour Property Services who offer carpet cleaning throughout Auckland. As the professionals have methods that go past what you can achieve with store bought or homemade solutions. Such as our truck-mounted cleaning system can perform deep-down extraction that can actually improve the smell and the quality of the air you breathe.

Conclusion Although these is various methods for carpet deordorising it is always best to practice prevention methods. To prevent your carpets becoming smelly in the first place. As this is much less time consuming expensive than having to undertake a range of deodorizing methods. A few quick tips to keep your carpet smelling clean and fresh. Always keep your home well ventilated, this reduces the likelihood of odours sticking in your carpet, as well as if your home is not well-ventilated cooking smells could leech into your carpets. It is also important to regularly vacuum clean your carpets, this helps to stop the buildup of odorous particles. Also, it is important to control the humidity in your home, as too much moisture in the air can cause mould and mildew to build up on the carpet, that can cause a highly unpleasant odour. The last but probably the most important factor to remember is to always clean up spills on the carpet immediately, as spills especially pet accidents and food spillages account for a large amount of times carpets are left smelly. If you deal with these stains properly as soon as they are made, you will avoid the nasty smells building up in the first place.