What is a Manitowoc Converter and How Does it Work?

manitowoc converter is much more powerful than the torque converter in a car engine. They are used to give cranes the ability to move large heavy loads from one place to another. The Manitowoc company is well known for its high-quality manufacturing. The company started in 1902 in the marine services. They started off building and repairing ships in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. As time went on and technologies advanced they became involved in other industrial applications. They are now well known for the strength of their torque converters and have set an industry standard with them. They are known for their toughness, so often times contractors will use cranes equipped with these roque converters for

“duty work,”

or for lots of repetitive motion with a heavy load. Otherwise, cranes outfitted with these will be used for the toughest job, being digging or moving dirt. Dirt is very heavy, and there is usually a lot of dirt to move. These converters are the best when you have a big nasty job to be done such as that. Even though these are the toughest torque converters out there, you still have to be mindful of how you handle the crane. If you are going to be jerky with the controls throughout the job, you will likely ruin the crane and the torque converter. Doing this makes working in the vicinity of the crane unsafe as it might lose its load, or even worse, break and put people’s lives in danger. If you are working a crane always practice safety and find an experienced crane operator that can get the job done right.

The Advantages of Manitowoc Converter

These torque converters are also used in forklifts for the transmission. A forklift with a torque converter transmission is a bit slower than a forklift with a hydrostatic transmission, but it is safer. Both are able to accelerate quickly, change direction easily, and have powerful breaking. The torque converter transmission also gives a smoother driving experience, the ability to coast, and there is no gearshift needed. As if driving a forklift wasn’t hard enough on its own. Driving one and having to switch gears, especially if the lift is in a picker warehouse will take up valuable extra time. Either way you look at it, on a cran or in a forklift these torque converters are the way to go. The company has been in business for over 100 years, and they are the industry standard. Manitowoc fully understands the construction industry and what their needs are, their reputation precedes them. Their products are dependable and strong. You know that you are always getting a great product no matter what.