What Makes Steel A Popular Building Material?

Building and construction is an important trade in the modern world because there is a high demand for buildings. Whether for residential or economic use, these structures play an important role in the society. Construction as a trade encompasses many specialty trades such as masonry, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, and electric works. Constructing a building is not an easy task. It requires the owner to invest plenty of resources to complete the building. Time, money, and compliance with the regulations are the factors that the building owner needs to take into consideration before starting a construction project. A critical factor that influences the cost, duration, strength, and compliance with the laws is the material used to construct the building. There are many building materials available on the market today. Other than the financial cost of these materials, the environmental effects, energy costs, and social effects need to be put into consideration when choosing the right material. Building materials fall into two categories, natural and fabricated materials.

Natural materials are clay, ice and snow, clay bricks, sand, stones, and timber. Most of these materials are easy to get because they are available. The wide availability of these materials makes them cheap to buy. They are also not harmful to the environment since they are degradable. This, however, means they dilapidate faster compared to other building materials. So, the building will have to be repaired regularly to be habitable.

Humanmade construction materials are relatively hard to get because most of them undergo manufacturing processes. The materials are stronger, durable and incorporate technology. This increases the suitability of such materials, but it raises the cost. Examples of these materials are fired bricks, cement composites, concrete, foam, glass, gypsum, ceramics, and metal. Metals used for construction are copper, aluminum, titanium, and steel. Among these, steel is the best material.

Why use steel? Steel is a lightweight material. This is because steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, which makes steel strong and light at the same time. This means your building will not exceed the recommended weight, and you will incur lower transport costs. Using steel makes your building quake-proof and fire resistant. Factories that manufacture steel must adhere to the laws governing quality and standardization. Steel is manufactured in a controlled environment. It is, therefore, the right material to use for any construction project. Steel guarantees straight walls and defined corners in your building Steel is a versatile construction material. It is forged into many shapes and forms easily.

This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Steel is even used to reinforce other building materials such as timber and concrete. However, using steel has drawbacks. It is prone to fractures, bending, and is susceptible to rust. These could affect the structural integrity of your building. To prevent mishap, consult an expert on steel buildings Redmond WA. Besides this, using steel is efficient and environmentally friendly. It is an infinitely recyclable material, which is easy to assemble, time-saving, cost-saving and energy efficient building material.