2020 trends for contemporary sofas: from Pantone color to materials and shapes

contemporary sofas and the living room. In this guide we are going to discover what colors, materials and trendy styles will inspire those who are going to furnish their living room for the first time or those who would like to renew the living room while always keeping up with trends. Enjoy!

Classic Blue, Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Living Coral was the Pantone Color of the year 2019. It was an intense pink and orange nuance and it has been applied in interior design especially in details. Cushions, curtains, rugs, sofas’ covers, and also dishes and small furniture items, too. It was a very warm color inspired by nature, an ideal solution for those who needed to make their home more welcoming and bright.

Pantone Color of the year 2020 is also inspired by nature and it is related to an important social meaning and hot topic, the environmental sustainability. We are talking about the

Classic Blue. It is an intense and deep color inspired by the shades of the sea which has a cold and not warm shade, unlike Living Coral. This is the reason why Classic Blue has another function in interior design, as the Psychology of Colors tells us. The Psychology of Colors says that blue is the color of calm and stability.

This is the reason why it should be used only into specific rooms of the house such as the bedroom and the living room. It may not be suitable for the kitchen and the home-office, for example, because in these rooms it is necessary to create a more active and dynamic mood. On the contrary, the bedroom and the living room are the spaces in the house where to have relax and find peace so, the choice of this color can also help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Classic Blue is a dark and intense color so it is advisable to choose it only for interiors complements. For example, you can choose this nuance for the cover of a velvet sofa with wooden legs, according to Nordic style. The combination of blue with the natural wood color will help create a cozy and welcoming space, despite of the fact that blue is a cold color. If you are going to furnish your living room for the first time, we suggest you to buy a contemporary sofa model with removable cover in fabric, velvet or leather, as well as those made by Poliform.

Removable covers allow you to change completely the style of your interiors just choosing another one. If you already have a non-removable sofa instead, then you should choose the blue color and its shades for the cushions or for the complements such as armchairs, poufs or rugs. This is a good way to complete your living room with trendy details.

2020, the velvet year

Fabric, velvet or leather: these are the best solutions for your interiors if you are looking for an excellent and durable contemporary sofa but 2020 will be the velvet year so, put aside your prejudices on velvet and listen to our advice. Velvet is a perfect match between luxury and comfort. We know, you think velvet is an old-style fabric but you’re wrong. If you combine velvet with the shapes of a contemporary sofa it will take on an elegant and sober look suitable with a modern style living room. Pay attention to the colors and choose only intense and deep shades. Classic blue is perfect to combine with this material, but rust, fir green, purple and coral are also very suitable.

Modular solutions for changing interiors

Modularity is the main feature of the contemporary sofas. They change appearance as well as you combine the elements and they also modify and transform the surrounding environment at the same time. Modular solutions are essential for those who wish to furnish their home by expressing their own style and for those who are afraid of adopting a style and then getting bored of it.

In addition, modular sofas allow you to create customized solutions based on dimensions of the room, thus adapting to architectural needs. At least, modular sofas can be customized with complements such as poufs or bookcases. These are great advantages coming from the contemporary sofas and they will make 2020 a great year for interior design.