5 Glorious Ways to Use the Marvellous Husk Chair  

Husk Chair by Patricia Urquiola is truly a creation of true genius as it marries the concept of appealing form with ergonomic function. The effort took into crafting this prodigious device paid off as it has become a much sought-after piece of furniture. Our living spaces serve a variety of purposes in that we laze around there, entertain events and parties, have countless memorable conversations and spend ample time with family in them. Sometimes they act in the capacity of home offices, play areas, drawing rooms, and dining room. With all these types of requirements taken into consideration, it can be tricky to decide on the best way to arrange these areas to get the most out of them. Browse through these 5 layout ideas to get your creative, designer wheels spinning and your home looking prettier than ever before:

  1. A charming and delightful arrangement:

Instagram A beautiful illustration of traditionally domestic elements alongside contemporary elements, the Husk Chair occupies the position of an enticing focal point. A more subdued and neutral color palette is the perfect stage for you to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of this chair. You will notice how concentrated in one area is the use of a singular grey color scheme but it’s upgraded with patterned fur rugs, chrome plated glass side tables and the inclusion of pretty floral arrangements. To ensure that your chair doesn’t seem too cold add diverse textures in the form of wooden consoles or bookshelves, light-wood flooring, and an all-white backdrop to create a serene ambiance. The utilitarian character of the chair presents you with an exquisitely made and all-embracing device to sink into.

  1. Recline comfortably with a view:

Pushup24 Sometimes all you want to do is relax and gaze out of your loft and you need the perfect seat to help you achieve this level of tranquil ease. The Husk Chair is a perfect candidate to acquire this calming effect. If you’ve got a statement window, a balcony, a terrace or even a patio overlooking nice scenery than placing these chairs at the right angle will only enhance your lifestyle. And why not share this intimate experience with a companion by pairing the Husk Chairs together and creating a lovely conversation area. The natural light flooding in from the expansive windows highlight the lilac upholstery and the graceful contours of the chairs, whilst the fresh floral arrangement augments the entirely inviting setup. The light hardwood flooring matches prettily with the tubular wooden legs of the two chairs making it all seem like one big beautiful painting.

  1. Enjoy symmetrical grace:

Purves Captured above are clean modern lines translated into the effortlessly classic silhouette of the Husk Chair. If your room is lacking visually interesting aspects and you want to craft a lovely space where you can enjoy solitude the company of a warm cup of coffee and a good book, then you need this layout in your life. It’s highly sophisticated yet cozy at the same time because of the mix of textures provided by the fuzzy carpeting and soft cushions of the chair, placed in front of smooth wooden tables and granite fireplaces. The all-encompassing divergent theme with minimalistic undertones cultivates a gentility that will greatly appeal to more elegant sensibilities.

  1. The Freestanding Strategy:

Pinterest Owing to its ergonomic structure and aesthetically enticing form, the Husk Chair is able to impress onlookers as a free-standing article. In the image above, you can see the dynamic setting of the chair coupled with a solitary, gleaming metallic lamp and lush red velvet carpeting all curate a deeply dramatic and theatrical aura. You will notice how similar to the chair itself, every surface is blank, providing the perfect canvas for the Chair to stand out magnificently.

  1. Truly eclectic living space:

Twitter Contemporary lounges consist primarily of trendy colors, suave textures, and funky layouts. The neon purple upholstery of the Husk Chair, supplemented with a predominantly white color palette curates a genuinely attractive living space. The synergy remains unbroken as there are traces of purple littered around the room in the form of the ottoman, cushion and bean bag chair. Incorporating this uniquely edgy and daring chair creates an eccentric yet high-end look, whilst the reflective surfaces, large bay window, and polished backdrop all around illuminate the entire room. These 5 ideas for the Husk Chair can serve as the foundation for any upcoming furnishing adventures you wish to embark upon. These can help you find the perfect balance of casual and comfortable with functionality and beauty.