Five benefits of sliding sash windows

Throughout the country, there are still thousands of properties that are fitted with traditional sash windows. Most of these will be single glazed and some of these properties retain their original timber frames. Although aesthetically pleasing, these original windows are neither energy-efficient nor easy to maintain.


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The modern alternative

Thanks to advancements in glazing technology, there is no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Modern sliding sash windows are just as attractive as traditional ones but have many benefits.

Key benefits of sliding sash windows


The premium sliding sash windows can achieve ‘A’ window energy ratings. The modern design means draughts and cold spots are no longer an issue. They will provide warmth and retain heat during the winter months, saving money on energy bills, whilst they can be opened wide to let in the cool fresh air in the summer.


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Secure and safe

Sliding sash windows can incorporate several safety features. Georgian bars and secure locking systems are available to ensure that you feel safe in your property. If you would like to limit how far they can be opened to prevent potential accidents, these windows can also be fitted with child safety restrictors.

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Low maintenance

Both uPVC and traditional timber sliding sash windows are very easy to maintain. With uPVC, all that is needed is the occasional wipe down with a warm, wet sponge – you can dry this off with a tea towel, kitchen roll or old rag. Traditional timber windows are just as easy to maintain.


Sliding sash windows are a fantastic alternative to standard casement windows. They have strong, high-quality balances and provide a smooth, reliable solution for many years.


No matter whether you live in a modern apartment or a period property, sliding sash windows can be the perfect solution. Upgrading to sliding sash windows made from traditional timber can ensure your property keeps its original style and character; alternatively, if your home is modern, uPVC windows could be better suited.