Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep, And How The Perfect Mattress Can Help

when we require much more! And if you’re one of those people who likes to boast about how you can survive off just four hours a night, then I’ve got some bad news for – you’re probably not.

Only a fraction of people can function long-term from just four hours of shut-eye per night. You’ve actually got more chance of being struck by lightning (or winning the lottery) than you have of being one of these very rare breeds of humans. But what’s so bad about not getting enough sleep? Well, to start with, it’s bad for your health.

Actually, it’s terrible for your health, and the longer you remain sleep-deprived, the more you’re putting yourself at risk of both short-term and long-term issues, including degenerative conditions like Dementia and Alzheimers. Lack of sleep will also affect your day-to-day life. Losing just an hour or two a kip a few times each week reduces your reaction time and impacts memory function.

So while you think you’re smashing it at work, paying closer attention to the quality of your sleep means you could be doing even better. So how do we make sure to get a good night’s rest? Firstly, cut down on the coffee and try to avoid those mid-afternoon caffeine kicks.

Caffeine is great for a short burst of energy, but too much will overstimulate your nervous system, making it much harder to nod off at night.  And it’s time to forget about those nightcaps.

Alcohol helps us fall asleep quicker, but it stops us from entering the deepest sleep stages, which is crucial if we want to wake up feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about the day ahead. Getting into a good routine will also help. Have a warm bath an hour or so before bed.

Turn off any electronic devices and don’t go scrolling through your phone as your lying in bed. Read a book, if only for a few minutes, or try meditating or some other form of mindfulness practice.

All this will help turn down the chatter in the front of your brain. You know, the part that keeps rambling on about everything you need to do when you wake up, despite the fact it’s 2.30am and all you want is sleep! And never underestimate the importance of a comfy bed.  Home Furnishings UK have got a massive selection of mattresses, including super-comfy memory mattresses – perfect for a good night’s sleep any day of the week.