contemporary sofas.

Please, take a seat!

Entering a beautiful living room and noticing in the middle of the room a beautiful sofa that characterizes the room is everyone’s dream. Choosing the right decor for ​​your home’s gossip area is not easy, but it sure can be a fun occasion. Thanks to a wide range of different furniture styles we have proposals of various kinds. Here are some suggestions:

  • sofa and armchairs, not necessarily combinable but which find the coffee table as a meeting point, dominant in houses with classic furniture;
  • design sofa as the sole protagonist of the living, for a minimal living room, with a few pieces of furniture and colors that tend to be cold;
  • for lovers of modern style, but who do not disdain sometimes eclectic combinations, the mix of different styles, such as industrial and contemporary, is more in vogue, inserted in warm colors, typical of the houses of the first half of the last century.

In smaller rooms, such as studio apartments, it is often difficult to recreate an organized room to separate the leisure area from the work, study, and kitchen area. An evergreen idea is to place the coffee table together with an armchair under the window or in the entrance of the house to create a relaxing corner where you can sip a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy the view or read a book. An armchair with a metal structure and soft and padded cushions will enhance your relaxation area with a note of elegance. For larger and more generous spaces, the living area is often dominated by the central presence of a cozy sofa. Adding an ever-faithful armchair is a thoughtful touch in order to give people the choice to sit alone: plus the armchair can be moved from the center of the room to the window, and with a touch of daily imagination you can have everyday a living room that is always new, always different, and completely depending on your desire.