5 Of the Worst Pests in Arizona

Scorpions easily come out of the top of the list of the worst pass in Arizona. You can find scorpions lurking basically anywhere you go in Arizona. The warm climate, as well as the desert feels,  Make Arizona one of the best places for scorpions to live. You need to be prepared to watch for scorpions where you go and learn which ones are going to affect you the most. Some scorpions are dangerous and you will not want to mess around with them.


The weather is warm, and the sand is dry, making Arizona one of the best places for tarantulas to live. Did you think it’s scary to live amongst scorpions, you should think about having tarantulas in your bed at night. You need to learn the different kinds of tarantulas that are going to be living around you. Some tarantulas are more or less harmless, but you need to make sure that you know which ones are going to harm you.

Black Widows

What black widows are on a much smaller scale than a tarantula, they can still be just as harmful. Black widows like to call Arizona home for a few different reasons. One of the most popular being that it is warm outside.Not having to deal with harsh climates is one of the biggest draws for pest to live in Arizona. Need to be where black widows and check your home for them regularly. Living with black widows is not something that you should be okay with.

Bed Bugs

Nothing makes you feel quite dirty like learning that you’re living with bed bugs. It seems like something right out of a horror movie, but bed bugs happened on a regular basis. If you are not constantly being aware of your situation inside of your home, you could very likely pickup bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are sneaky little bugs, and will make their way into your home anyway they can. Unlike most people think, you do not have to have a dirty home in order to have bed bugs. You stay in a hotel or bed bugs are, it’s very likely that your home is going to become infested.


What better place could there be for mice to call home?  The weather is warm, and there are lots of other Little Critters around. If mice can’t make their way into your home, they can live outside easily. In other places in the United States mice would have to make their way inside if they were home in order to survive. Arizona however, provides us with a great place to live year-round regardless of where they can make their way inside of.