Applications for Different Land Surveys

development of a project. Land surveying can help you make the most of your unique landscape and plan structures accurately and safely. This helps ensure that buildings fit with the landscape and determines whether or not they can be constructed on that particular land.

Types of Property Surveys

There are many types of land surveys including:

  • Location surveys:This type of survey establishes all corners and property lines of a piece of land or property. It often involves an inspection of the property. Location surveys are typically inexpensive.
  • Boundary surveys:These types of surveys help identify a property’s boundary lines, which is often for construction or permit purposes. The surveyor sets the property corner and produces a detailed map. To do this, the surveyor must research the public records as well as research the field by taking measurements and performing calculations. Boundary surveys tend to be a more expensive type of survey, especially if the property is large and has complicated records.
  • ALTA/ASCM surveys:Lenders usually use an ALTA/ASCM survey for commercial closings. This is a type of boundary survey that must meet certain standards established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), and stands for American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

Property Survey Applications

There are may different applications for certain types of land surveys. For example, if you’re buying a house and plan on doing short-term construction — adding on to the property or installing a fence — you may want to obtain a boundary survey as you complete your purchase closing. This can help prevent you from paying for a location survey for the closing in addition to paying for a boundary survey after closing. If you plan on owning land, it’s very important to survey it to get a feel for its best use. Hiring a reliable land surveyor can make your life easier.