Slate floors: maintenance

refinement, elegance and versatility. For some time it has been used as a floor covering at home, but however beautiful it is, it is also very delicate. Which is why when we have to do the big cleaning at home, doubts and uncertainties begin to arise. The cleaning fans therefore begin to wonder how to clean a slate floor without running the risk of damaging it. In fact, common detergents can be aggressive and create irreversible scratches.

The production of slate floors

What are the types of detergents that clean slate well? After all, this type of flooring is very particular. Suffice it to say that in Italy it is produced only by a few companies chosen as .We are talking about a corporate job followed with the utmost care, thanks to industry experts who love home design and try to give it the right value through accessories that today give today added value to the domestic aspect.

 Which products to use

For this type of material, products that contain chemical agents and are too aggressive must be banned from the dispenser of detergents! Only then will we be able to see our slate last for years. This is because, due to its delicacy, a cleaning that is too aggressive will also go well against dirt but will almost certainly spoil the finish of the floor itself, ruining it without the possibility of repair. The ideal products are all natural ones, that is, those that have virtually no chemical or aggressive agents. Often natural products suitable for slate are already mixed on the market.


it is always advisable to prepare them yourself. Just a few simple ingredients. At the end of the cleaning, we will have a more than satisfactory outcome and the expense is also contained. The ingredients we will need to pack the natural detergent for your slate floor are the following:

  • 1 bucket of water
  • 1 glass of alcohol
  • 1 glass of baking soda
  • 1 glass of Marseille flake soap