Home Renovation

4 Home Upgrades That will Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home or you simply want to increase the equity in your property, it’s important to remember to invest your money wisely. While some cosmetic updates may be visually pleasing, they won’t always have the most significant impact on your property’s value.

As of 2017, it was reported that 25 percent of all home purchase offers are canceled after 

inspections. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, remember some key upgrades which offer notable returns in a home assessment and help keep a potential sale on track.

Updated plumbing

Repairs to a plumbing system can be among the most expensive repairs that homeowners have to contend with. One of the ways to ensure that your plumbing system is ready for inspection is to invest in a sewer pipe replacement before having your home evaluated or listed for sale.

While sewer pipes once had to be dug up and replaced, causing damage to lawns and even sidewalks or driveways, trenchless replacement has eliminated those costs and inconveniences. You won’t need to worry about your lawn having spots without grass that might detract buyers. Instead, you can show those interested in your property that you have invested in replacement, so that they can be assured of a quality, trouble-free plumbing system for years to come.

Replaced pipes don’t have pre-existing damage from trees or earthquakes and they don’t have build-up inside which needs to be purged before causing a backup. New sewer pipes are an effective way to eliminate major concerns about potential costly plumbing repairs.

Wiring and electrical systems

Faulty wiring can be one of the most expensive things a homeowner needs to deal with, and it is a common reason why potential buyers might opt out of a purchase after an inspection. Old or damaged wiring can cause fires, as well as adversely impact your electrical goods and systems. So it is important to check your wiring before having your home evaluated, and invest in appropriate repairs if you want to increase your property value.

This also extends to key electrical systems, such as your furnace and heat pump. With updated or maintained systems in place, you will get a favorable appraisal that reflects your investments in core systems of your property.

New roof

An old roof can be expensive to repair, and even more costly if it starts to leak before it gets fixed. Investing in an Everlast II roof will improve the structure of your home: when roofs leak, water can build up on floors, contribute to rot in the joists, and damage furniture and belongings. 

Over time, slow leaks can even lead to mold and other serious issues that can be expensive to fix. With a new roof in place, your property value will be secure because of the significantly reduced risk of structural damage from a leaking roof. You’re also adding to the curb appeal of your home with a new roof in place, and if you’re selling, it’s a bold way to make a statement to potential buyers as they arrive on your property.

Doors and windows

Anyone preparing to sell their home may want to take some extra steps to ensure that buyers are impressed with their property. A brand-new door can be a bold way of making a statement and increase a home’s visual appeal instantly. This also offers a certain amount of peace of mind to buyers, because it means that the locks are new and fewer people have had access to keys.

Investing in new windows is also a great way to make a statement and increase property values, because new windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping cool air in during the summer and keeping it out during winter months. This helps save money on heating bills during the cold months, which offers an immediate financial return year after year.