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All you need to know about expanded metal

Expanded metal is a term that is used for the metal sheet that has been cut and designed in a particular pattern. This can be in the shape of square or diamonds. They are best used in the production of fences and other metal objects. In order to expand the metal, there are various processes that are done on them. Here are the few common procedures that are performed on metals.


Grain size:

Another important thing that you should understand when it comes to metals is grains. There are grains in the metals which can be removed with the help of heating. In simple words, the less the grains are in a metal, the stronger it is, but it gets less ductile. This effect is used when the metal is converted into sheets of mesh wires.

Annealing and quenching:

Annealing is a process in which the metal is exposed to high temperature and then it is allowed to cool really slowly. On the other hand, quenching is a process of heating and cooling of metal too, but it causes the metal to cool real quick. Now you might be thinking what the science in that is. Well, both these processes make the metal gets hard, but quenching makes the metal brittle too. This means that it is easy to break the metal that is quenched. However, annealing makes the metal, durable and less prone to get damaged. In ancient times, the red hot metal is often cooled in the bodies of the unfortunate prisoners. Now it is usually cooled in the water or oil. If you want better results, put it in salty water. Tempering is also a process that is used on various metals to make them durable.

Cold working:

Cold working is a process in which the metal is made harder and strong by plastic deformation. This is a process of adding strength to the metal without the use of heat. This technique is commonly used on aluminum, steel and copper. This is often done by squeezing the metal, then bending, shearing and drawing it. However, too much deformation can break the metal very easily. These processes are also used in the car industry for the manufacture of various car parts.


Here are the few uses of expanded metal sheets in daily life:


Have you ever seen different panels on the roof top of many buildings? These are called the solar panels that provide electricity with the help of solar energy. These panels have metal plates in their panels that absorb the sunlight and convert that energy into electrical energy. This is one of the biggest benefits of metal.

Design surface:

Expanded metal is also used to design surface of many things. However, a freshly cut metal sheet is sharp and it must be handled with leather gloves and apron. Expanded metal is mostly considered stronger than the wire mesh and this is the reason it is used in many places.]]>