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Four ways to keep your wooden floor protected

Image Credit Wooden flooring never goes out of fashion and never looks dated. They suit any kind of décor and any size of room. If you are accustomed to looking after carpets or tiled floors, you may not realise that wooden floors require more effort. Here are four key ways in which you can look after your wooden floor and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. 1 Never use a mop and water When you have invested in engineered flooring from a supplier such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html it is important that you do not cause water damage. Using a traditional mop and water will saturate the wood and allow water to penetrate the wood fibres. This causes the boards to swell and they will warp and twist out of position. Instead, use a damp cloth with lukewarm water and dry them immediately afterwards with a dry cloth. Image Credit 2 Vacuum regularly According to the Reader’s Digest, small particles of grit and dust can act like sandpaper and will grind into the top surface of a wood floor. Only ever use the hardwood floor attachment of your vacuum because the carpet attachment will be too rough and is likely to scratch the surface of the wood. 3 Regular sweeping is important Regular sweeping is a simple way to protect your wood floors. It removes dust and dirt and prevents a build-up of grit that can be so damaging. Use a soft-bristled brush and don’t forget the corners of the room. Spillages should also be cleaned up straight away. If they are left to dry they will be harder to remove and this can cause damage. They could also seep into the wood fibres and cause swelling or staining. Spillages should be cleaned up with a soft cloth and then the area thoroughly dried. 4 Use floor cleaners with caution Some floor cleaners can cause damage to wooden floors when they are used over a period of time. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions and test on a small area of floor first.]]>