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Garage Doors: Professional Installation vs. Do-It-Yourself

Garage Doors Houston. Garage doors are a big project, and before one embarks on one as a DIY project, it’s important to compare the risks and benefits of DIY versus professional installation.

Cost At first glance, a DIY garage door kit may seem like a steal of a deal.  There are lots of companies that are taking advantage of DIY trends to offer special kits that contain everything you need to install your own garage door.  But before you check off that “pro” box when it comes to cost, it’s important to do some research on the kits themselves. Before you commit to a kit, contact a professional garage door installer and ask them about costs, as well as the brands of garage doors they offer and the comparable quality.

Because, as it turns out, many of the kits available do not contain garage doors that are the same quality as those you can have professionally installed. That’s because in order to create a DIY kit that is successful, the doors have to be simplified in a number of ways.  You might find that the convenience features, security, and overall material quality of a professionally installed door is much higher. Is it really a cost savings if you’re buying a low quality product? After all, garage doors should be built to last.  It’s not a frugal choice to buy a DIY kit that’s half the price if you have to replace it three times as often.

Tools and Skillset Even a very complete DIY kit isn’t likely to contain all of the tools you need to install it. Furthermore, in order to avoid forcing you to buy specialized tools, these kits are designed with fewer features. A professional garage installation company will have all of the tools they need already. It’s important for them to invest in high quality, specialized tools so that they can install the best garage doors in a professional manner. And while a DIY kit may claim that “anyone” can use it, you should also think carefully about whether or not you actually feel qualified to make such an important addition to your property.

If everything goes right—nothing breaks, etc. that’s great! However, professional installers may have installed hundreds or even thousands of garage doors in the past. They’re good at seeing issues with the equipment before those issues snowball into bigger problems, so they can avoid having to make costly repairs later. If you install your own garage door, those repairs are going to be on you—so make sure you know what you’re getting into. When you contact a professional installation company for a quote, ask them about the warranties they offer both on the doors themselves and on their labor. Typically, the manufacturer of the garage door will have a warranty and the company installing it will also guarantee their labor for a certain amount of time. This is one of the major perks of choosing professional installation over doing it yourself.

Property Value When you have a professional company install a high quality garage door, and you document it completely, you are increasing the value of your property. The same is not always true when it comes to a DIY kit. If you are still going for the DIY, then check this out. If your garage door is also important in terms of climate control/energy efficiency, the more documentation you have, the better.  A receipt from the home improvement store for a DIY kit probably isn’t going to qualify you for that tax break or up the value of your property in the same way.

Conclusion Putting in your own garage door isn’t always a bad idea, but don’t go into it as DIY project with any misconceptions.  Understand exactly what the risks and benefits are before you commit to such a big, complicated project on your own. Some things are best left to the professionals