Home Security

Tips to Increase Your Smart Home Security

your house is secure. Here we have outlined some tips for enhancing your smart device security.

1. Research before buying

First things first, check your device’s suitability for the purpose you intend to use it for. Take, for example, installing solar panels and having a device to check on them. It helps to lower down your energy bills. When buying these appliances, check that they can work properly even when the internet or power suddenly goes down. Take note also to choose appliances that have excellent security features. Don’t buy cheap devices that have a low quality. These types will end up costing you more than what you intended. Buy ones that have regular security updates.

2. Make sure to change default passwords

Default login configurations and details are easy to hack. What with all the IoT devices around the world.  Once you receive your appliance or device, change the passwords immediately. Don’t risk yourself and your family to security attacks.

3. Two-Step Authentication

Increase your security by enabling the 2-step authentication. You use two elements to sign in. It can be your password, and a code sent to you via text message. This method is not something new. Cloud storage, email, and other account types use these. So what’s stopping you from using it for your smart devices?

4. Establish a separate network

Nowadays, you can create a different guest network with your wireless routers. Read the manual of your router and set up at least one that is for your IoT devices only. Hackers have a hard time accessing your information and appliances when you segment your networks. It is highly recommended for you just to use Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) and disable any Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to keep your networks secure.

5. Update your Firmware

Decrease your chances of a hack attack when you ensure that you have the latest security updates. Your firmware’s vulnerabilities get a fix. Also, your router and IoT devices should be updated regularly. Update frequently and set your updates to automatic. Check every month if possible.


All in all, if you have smart devices at your house, take precautions and the necessary steps to increase their security. For large properties such as ranches and estate sized mansions, you may need to add manned security guarding to smart home security systems, so as to accommodate for the extra land space. Similar homes without armed guards always look like sitting ducks, inviting crooks and criminals of all categories, and only the guards can restore order on the day since they are armed. And if not, you can buy AK 47 rifles from Palmetto State Armory online stores. Don’t dilly dally and update immediately. Don’t wait for hacks. Act now.