3 Renovations That Will Add to Your Home’s Value

increase the value of your home.

Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is often the first thing that potential home buyers will look at when they’re house hunting. In addition to this, you can easily get back anywhere from 60% to 120% of the money you invest in kitchen remodelling once you sell the house. The kitchen would ideally be the first place you should consider renovating. First, replace the appliances in your kitchen with more energy-efficient options. This not only helps you save money while you’re still living there but will also help in convincing potential buyers who wish to save money in the long run. Other replacements you might need to make are your cabinet hardware, countertops, taps, and lighting. Even if you can’t afford a complete remodelling, a new paint job can make a lot of difference to improve the look of your kitchen.

Replace Your Roof

Installing a new roof should be the first thing on your mind when you’re thinking of renovating as it could increase your home resale value significantly. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of roofing options such as asphalt shingles, metal, clay, etc. to enhance the look of the entire house. You even have the option to choose between various colours and textures depending on your needs. There’s also the fact that your new roofing will have several years of warranty, some even up to 15-20 years, which can be very appealing to prospective buyers. But, if you decide to replace the roof on your own, make sure you put your safety first and invest in a reliable rope rescue system.

Renovate the Bathroom

Bathroom improvements are also crucial for increasing the value of your home. Replacing the tiles should be one of the first things you should consider as new tiles could make a huge difference to improve the look. Even if you can’t replace all the tiles in your bathroom, try replacing the broken and discoloured ones at least. You could also consider replacing the bathroom fixtures such as sinks and toilets as well as bathtubs if any of them seem worn. Maybe you could even add a whole new bathroom to increase the value of your home.

These three renovations are some of the best choices to make if you wish to increase the resale value of your home. In addition to these changes, you could also take the time to replace any lighting, wiring, and fixtures that are outdated or defective. This will not only improve the value of your home but also optimise your safety.