A First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Storage Unit

As much as we try, we tend to find too much stuff packed into our house, garage, the attic — you name it. While you can comb through folders of your belongings and accessories, it can easily get overwhelming.

That’s when it may be time to rent a storage unit. Extra storage is an affordable, easy solution that allows you to hold onto all of the items that may be taken up to much space as home, and keep them safely where you can have easy access to them.


It’s so easy to get a storage space.

EZ Stor It, a self-storage company with facilities located throughout the United States, has worked to cater to your storage needs, no matter how large the space or when you need to pull a U-Haul up to bring in your belongings. With unmatched customer service, it’s an easy choice to make.

EZ Stor has simplified the “moving in” process to three simple steps:

  • Choosing your location
  • Choosing your facility
  • Reserving online

Choosing Your Location

With storage facility websites and companies, all it takes is just typing in your city or ZIP code to help you find the right storage facility near you.

Choosing Your Facility

Based on the facilities nearest you or most convenient, it’s important to compare prices and weigh the best options and deals available in your area.

Reserving online

Reserving the storage space that you prefer can be done now with just the click of a mouse. This allows you to save time and money, compared to some storage facilities that ask for down payments and in-person consultation. Storage facilities will allow you to reserve without having to give a credit card number, a long-term commitment, and any obligation to pay rent.

Self-storage units

Climate controlled self-storage units on the first floor are great for easy access during your move. However, for more savings, you can choose an upper floor unit with elevator access. This may make things difficult in terms of setting up your unit, but it will save you even more money in the long run. You can also choose an outside drive-up self-storage unit, for even more convenient access.


Reducing Your Footprint

Sometimes, when you go through all of your possessions, like original photos and raw files, it can be easy to wish you had a time machine. However, with physical photos, it’s best if you have a backup strategy.

The best way is to look for some unlimited photo storage for future photos. Photo backup devices can help store photos and digital files in one convenient location. No more lugging around an SD card, an old Android device, or your original tablets to store a copy of your data.

ibi from SanDisk is the new personal cloud service that collects your photos and videos, then backs them up at home. This 1 TB storage device can hold more than 250 thousand pictures and over 100 hours of videos. It’s one of the best backup options for your photos.

This kind of backup solution not only provides automatic backup for your devices, but it can also collect from the social media platforms and cloud accounts you choose. These backup solutions not only prevent data loss but are also able to be controlled at your fingertips. It’s also easy to allow users to choose who can gain access to this external hard drive. Cloud setup should also be easy to handle.


Even if you’re using photo storage apps on your mobile devices, it’s important to look for services that not only offer unlimited storage and a backup strategy, but also a degree of privacy. If you have an original photo of a family member or special memory, you don’t want to worry about who is able to access your backup drive at any time.

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to pick out the best storage unit for your needs as well as declutter some of those old photos and items you’ve been holding onto.