Benefits of energy-efficient television

energy-efficient technologies is one of the ways of restricting the carbon footprint.

We always recommend users to use energy-efficient appliances so that you contribute towards a healthy environment. For example, some of the best 32 inch LED TV are the most efficient appliances. Here, we have discussed some of the benefits of energy-efficient televisions. Apart from this, we have specified the reasons responsible for energy savings.

Benefits of energy-efficient televisions

The benefits of energy-efficient televisions affect both the users and the environment. Let us know about the benefits in detail.

  • Energy-efficient appliances, including televisions, are 30% to 50% more efficient than conventional appliances. The efficiency of the televisions is earmarked by the agencies such as Energy Star and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). While the former operates in the USA, the latter is an authorized agency in India. You can use televisions accredited by these agencies to save money on electricity bills. As these appliances consume fewer electricity units, you will witness considerable savings on yearly basis.
  • As energy production and transmission requires infrastructure and resources, you can contribute towards limiting exploitation of resources. For example, if a thermal power plant is using coal to generate electricity, energy-efficient televisions will consume less electricity. Indirectly, you are reducing the usage of coal for electricity purposes.

How can you save energy consumption with your television?

Most of the consumers are concerned about the monetary benefits and hence, we have discussed some of the ways to make your televisions energy-efficient.

  • The foremost step is to purchase an energy-efficient television. Opt for the TV that offers impressive energy ratings such as 4 stars and 5 stars. Moreover, when purchasing televisions consider purchasing an optimum-sized television. Another factor that makes a difference is the LED display. Do you know that LED circuit dissipates only 20% of the electrical energy in the form of heat? Hence, LED televisions are highly recommended.
  • Adjust the brightness to limit electricity consumption. The default settings for the brightness quotient may be on the higher side. You can adjust these according to the light conditions in the room. During the night, you can switch to night mode to automatically adjust the brightness.
  • Switch off the television when not in use. This may seem to be the most basic step but it is the most ignored as well. You can also enable Automatic Shut Down mode that will switch off the television after a certain period of inactivity.

Reasons responsible for energy savings

The most evident features that facilitate energy savings are – first, use of LED display and second, optimized settings. The LED display utilizes energy in an efficient manner by reducing energy losses. In fact, more efficient Organic LED (OLED) is gradually replacing LED. The automatic settings optimize the display parameters for an energy-efficient performance.

While purchasing televisions, check out the energy-efficient televisions on the leading online retail stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, and so on. Contribute to a sustainable world so that the future generation lives in peace and harmony.