Changing Your Bathroom Look with Tile

remodeling their bathroom are enjoying the new tile that is now available in porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, limestone, metal and other types. This makes it possible for a person to turn an otherwise dull or old looking bathroom into something that shouts “good taste and sophistication”. Ceramic tile has an interesting history. Evidence of its use has been found in 2500 B.C. Ancient Egypt excavations. These ancient tiles have retained the color and designs that were originally installed. When you contact a bathroom tile Seattle WA professional you can be sure that you will receive expert preparation work which includes demolition, backer-board installation and waterproofing prior to tile installation. Their highly experienced installers are fully aware of both new technology and techniques of the past. This makes the result a thing of sophistication and beauty. In addition to floor, bathroom and shower tile, many people are using tile for accent walls, kitchen back-splash and incorporating it into porch or patio decorations.

There is no doubt that today’s beautiful tile can change the entire look of any area and make it soothing and peaceful. Glass, porcelain and other types of tile are especially popular for a bathroom as they repel water. Modern decorators also find glass tile is excellent for surrounding a shower while shades of porcelain offer a spectacular contrast on counters and walls. Imagine taking a dull and uninteresting bathroom and turning it into a beautiful oasis with shades of blue or green.

Everything from the walls to the shower can present a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Whether you choose to install or replace a shower, bathtub or walk-in tub the changeover can be amazing. Dull bathtubs, for example, can be resurfaced or a clawfoot tub installed. Dull and stained countertops can be also be replaced with tile. Today’s methods result in a smooth surface without the large grout seams that were so common in the tile placement of former years. Recent bathroom tile on the market includes Wood Plank Ceramic, Dark Gray Porcelain, Concept Gray Porcelain, Penny Porcelain Mosaic, Florentina Gray Ceramic, Roman White Porcelain and iridescent tiles with a mother-of-pearl sheen.

There are also cheerful colors such as green, blue, aqua, violet, indigo or yellow. The colors can be added in small amounts or dominate the room. In either case, when combined with a tile floor and waterproof paint on the walls it can make a huge difference to an otherwise unattractive room. Of course, towels, rugs and other accessories will add to the overall attraction of a re-modeled bathroom. Many people change these accessories to match the season with the appropriate colors. For example, in the spring colors such as seafoam green and sapphire blue brings about the feeling of an indoor change from the winter season.

Lighting in the bathroom is especially important if the tile is to be exposed in all its glory. When the bathroom has an outside wall, this may involve installing a new window or, if it is inside the house, recessed lighting. This will bring out the color of the tile and create an attractive, new addition to the home which can be enjoyed by both family and visitors.