How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year

Sun Protection

Using retractable shades in Austin can protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays that can negatively impact the skin. These shades also provide a welcome respite from sweltering heat so that you don’t need to remain indoors when the sun is at its peak.

Rain Protection

Being outside is one of the greatest pleasures of summer. Retractable shades make it possible to stay outdoors and enjoy the scent of a summer rainstorm without getting wet. A retractable shade or awning can save an outdoor celebration or gathering by protecting guests and food from a sudden downpour.

Furniture Protection

Rain or shine, exposure to the elements can take a toll on your outdoor furnishings. Upholstery can become sun-bleached or develop mold if it becomes rain-soaked. Sap and bird droppings can create permanent stains. Retractable shades and awnings are a great way to avoid wear and tear to anything you leave on your patio or porch.

Insect Protection

Some shade outdoor living solutions incorporate screens to discourage insects. Nothing can ruin outdoor fun like constant buzzing and biting from mosquitoes and bees. A retractable screen with a tight weave that maintains clear visibility is the best solution for enjoying all that your outdoor space offers without worrying about bothersome insects attacking you or your food.

Lower Utility Bills

Retractable shades or awnings are not just for your porch or patio. Consider installing them on windows, especially sun-facing ones, to cut down on your energy consumption during the hot summer months. Rooms in the direct path of sunlight can quickly heat up, increase electric cooling system usage, and increase your utility bill. A retractable awning on your window can deflect sunlight, preventing your room from overheating.

All-Season Fun

Who said that your porch or patio is just for warm, sunny Austin weather? You can create a year-round living space with retractable awnings and screens made with materials and features designed to withstand the harshest elements. By adding portable heaters, you can enjoy a meal with friends and family right outside your house in the middle of a chilly January rainstorm.
Outdoor screens and shades make it possible for you to enjoy your Austin home year-round, thus adding to its value.