How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

Schedule Maintenance Routine maintenance and servicing are needed annually to perform a tune-up and inspect all of the parts, according to superpages.com. You can also hire a professional to look for any repairs that are needed to ensure that the appliance continues to function well. It’s important to schedule AC Repair Fort Worth immediately to prevent certain issues from becoming worse over time.

Change the Air Filter  Many people forget to change the air filter on their air conditioner, which can affect the air flow and cause the appliance to worker harder when it’s in use. Make it a point to change the air filter every three months to reduce the risk of breakdowns and overheating. The air filter may need to be replaced more frequently during the summer months.

Repair Airflow Issues Airflow issues can begin to occur over time, making it necessary to remedy the problem as soon as possible. The appliance may have an improper duct design or air leaks that are present. Blocked air registers and air leaks in the home can also lead to airflow issues. Hire a professional to inspect the air ducts and the building to determine the source of the problem.

Allow it to Rest According to sheknows.com, allow your air conditioner to have a few timeouts during the summer when it’s used more to prevent it from breaking down. On cooler days, rely on ceiling fans and open up the windows to allow the appliance to have a day off. You can also open up the windows at night to keep the house cool and allow the air to circulate without relying on the AC. Adding heavy drapes to the window will also block outside light from heating up the inside of the house.

Shade the Unit The air conditioner can begin to wear down at a faster rate if it’s exposed to the sun for an extended period. Units that are cooler don’t have to work harder to run. Shade the AC unit with trees or shrubs that are planted in proximity to the appliance to prevent it from sitting out in the heat all day. There are many ways to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner to ensure that it runs well and will last longer. By providing enough care for the parts with the help of a professional, you can allow it to operate more efficiently and can avoid spending more on repairs that are needed.