How to Protect Your Home During a Storm in Texas

One drawback to living in the great state of Texas is hurricane season. As 2019 promises more of the same in seasonal severe weather it is important to remain vigilant and prepared. For individuals living in areas affected by hurricanes, this means being aware of storm patterns and weather forecasts. It also means preparing homes and businesses to withstand the storm. Luckily, if one knows what to look for they can ensure the best protection for the home.

Wind Damage

Hurricanes produce powerful winds. Such winds are clocked at over 75 miles per hour. The damage such power can do to a home is extensive. At 120 miles per hour, the wind is strong enough to shatter glass. So a huge step to take in storm protection is preparing a home to withstand wind.


The first step is to secure all the windows. This can be done in a variety of ways. Hurricane windows are a popular choice. These are impact windows built to withstand strong winds. Such windows are built to withstand the type of power hurricanes provide. Steel or plastic storm panels area another choice. Such panels are optimal for protecting windows against winds and flying debris. Finally, there is the old reliable choice of boarding up windows. Wooden slats are perfect for keeping out the strong wind and shielding said windows from debris.


Step two is to reinforce the roof. The roof is the second most vulnerable part of a house. This is why it important to secure doors as well as windows. If one or the other becomes compromised the wind entering the house can cause significant harm to the roof. Roofs can also be designed or optimized to withstand severe weather. Such reinforcement can be done while the roof is being built, repaired, or enhanced.

Garage Door

Finally, the last thing on the list should be the garage. Garage doors are also vulnerable to high wind, even more so if they open in the middle. So securing a garage with lockable features is important. The locks should be internal as they are liable to break if located outside. It is also smart to reinforce the garage as well.


Flooding is another serious side effect of a hurricane. As water levels swell in nearby bodies of water often homes become completely submerged. Flooding like this can occur even if a home is far inland. Safeguarding against flooding relies on three major actions. Ensure that check valves are installed on sewer lines, purchase a sump pump, and secure any cracks in the foundation. It is also wise to reinforce all openings to avoid letting in water.

Additional Steps

Part of creating a storm safe home Texas against the worst is also preparing for the worst. Outside of reinforcements done to a home, additional preparations can be made to protect valuables. Steps can even be taken to reduce any damage that is received.

Clearing Debris

Homes that are victims of Hurricanes are often hurt by the objects surrounding them. Trees can be knocked over onto roofs and loose branches can fly through windows. In such cases, cutting back a little on the trees around you is a good idea. Additionally, it is smart to remove any objects that can become airborne missiles.

Emergency Preparations

Valuable can be further protected with waterproof containers. Expensive jewelry, important documents, and even electronics can be saved with a waterproof covering. If a home is in an area known for flooding moving furniture to higher elevations can save it from water damage. Also, fuse boxes and circuit breakers need to be switched off prior to evacuation.