Leaks, Water Damages, and its Preventions.

We are days to Halloween and do you know what else is scary? Water Damage!

You might be wondering why there is a spike in your water bill or Low water pressure in your shower or sinks? This and other signs indicate that there might be a serious leak in your house. If it goes undetected, it might cause very serious consequential damage and eventually cost you a lot of money.

Depending on how fast one can detect water leak and the intensity of the leak, the effects can be controlled. If left undetected for several months, the damage will inevitably be greater than if it was detected in the first week.

Sometimes you may have a one-time leak but the amount of water leaking can cause very serious damage. This article explores the various types of leakages, how you can detect a possible leak, and how to fix them. 

Ways to Detect Leaks.

  1. Low water pressure in the taps.

When you notice after confirmation that you have enough gallons of water in your water tank but the pressure in your sinks and shower is still very low, this can be an indication of a water leak.

However, it should not be a cause of alarm because sometimes it can be as a result of a blockage. Therefore you need to consult with your plumber to check on what is causing this problem.

  1. Mold and fungal growth on the walls and ceiling. 

It is an easy observation to make as mold grows from places with a lot of moisture. This, however, does not mean that where there is mold, there has been a water leak, sometimes if you don’t regularly clean your bathroom or surfaces exposed to water, mold will grow. 

Caution should be taken to destroy mold and fungus because they pose a great danger to your family’s health. Science has proven that when mold spores are inhaled it may cause one to develop respiratory symptoms. After all, you want your home to be safe, don’t you? 

  1. Pipe Corrosion 

You might have observed that your mental pipes have become rusty and have mold growing from it. This can indicate that there is a water leak. 

However, just because you see mold at a particular spot on a pipe, does not mean that the pipe is leaking from that exact point, it could be from a different spot on the same pipe. 

For this reason, we advise you to find a specialist or a company that deals with leakages to come and sort things out. 

  1. Peeling wallpapers or bubbling paint. 

The most common cause of this is moisture which subsequently results in the growth of fungus under the topcoat hence blistering the paint. 

The best approach in such a situation is to go for a solution that fixes the leakage rather than one of restoring the beauty of the wall by overcoating or replacing the wallpaper. 

Leak and Water Damage Prevention. 

  • Regular Inspection

To prevent damages as a result of leakages, it is advisable to do regular checks and inspections in your home.

Fix those pipes that appear worn out, replace damaged or broken parts of your plumbing system. 

To get a leak-free home, it goes back to when you’re building your house in the first place. Do not assume that all the windows and doors you pick from the shelves are waterproof.

Because this is not something you can do by yourself, try consulting your contractors to verify that the window or door is waterproof.

You can also do this by checking on the credibility of the window/door manufacturer if it is a company that you can trust to deliver good quality products. One way of doing this is to find Home Reform Services Reviews. Since in the end, we are after saving money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and restoration over short time intervals

  • Cushioning of home furniture.

You might be suffering from soaked couches or bedding as a result of a leaking roof. It might be in your bathroom, where you have installed permeable bathroom curtains and rugs, or your patio furniture is not waterproof. 

Such material will make your furniture susceptible to water damage thus wearing out easily. 

The best way to go about this is by cushioning them with cushion or cushion covers made from waterproof fabric. To give you a start, you can check the Beddinginn store as it offers a wide range of cushion and cushion covers you can choose from for your indoor and outdoor furniture among other products. 

  • Opting to choose quality over price.

You can imagine the disappointment you will feel after you purchase a certain item that breaks down after a few months of use just because you chose to go for a cheaper price over good-quality. 

You may be asking yourself how it is possible to test or know the quality of the item you are intending to purchase online. You can simply read their reviews or reviews about the company producing the Item on ReviewsBird and from there you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with purchasing it.

  • Use of a pressure gauge or a Leak shooter 

A pressure gauge is a very easy to use equipment and can be used by the homeowner or a plumber. The gauge is mounted on some type of plumbing configuration, for instance, a hose bib. 

You shut off the water to the house, which means no use of water whatsoever. When the gauge starts to drop, it indicates that there is a leak in the system. Water should not leave the system if the system is closed.

A Leak Shooter, on the other hand, is an advanced electronic gadget that can detect leakages through the wall. However, it is best used by an expert.