Re-Sale Investments

Your home could be your largest, most important investment. Buy low, sell high, the motto says. But in order to sell your home for the best price, you might need to make some adjustments. Adding curb appeal, streamlining interior design, and updating the look will make potential buyers more interested and likely to purchase. That can mean a tidy profit for you. These tips can help you to revamp in a way that will add value to your home if you’re in the market to sell. Even if you’re not, you’ll benefit and take pleasure in the comfort you’re adding and future investment you could profit from.

The “Great Outdoors”

What does your yard look like? An out-of-control jungle? A tidy, relaxing Zen garden? Your potential buyers (and current neighbors) would appreciate a cleaner version if what you’ve got now is chaos. Clip hedges and trees, and remove trees if the roots are interfering with sidewalks, your foundation, or septic systems. Planting flowers adds a touch of charm. Installing a koi pond or a small fountain might be ideal for some spaces, maximizing backyard appeal and peacefulness. In any landscape plan, adding color, removing clutter gathering areas, and redesigning usable areas for barbeques or other get-togethers will add value.

Curb Appeal

Know what your neighbors or potential buyers think of your home? If you don’t think it’s positive, you can do something about it, simply! Paint it! Maybe even re-side it. Weathered siding or paint can be revived in a few days with the right tools, the perfect color, and a little elbow grease. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to keep your home a bright spot on your street.

Kitchen Polish

And where do you make the side dishes for said barbecues or other gatherings? The kitchen, of course. It’s a much-loved area that is sure to look like it through general wear and tear. Replacing a shallow sink with a deeper one adds more usability. Touching up the cabinets or even completely replacing them will update the look, making all who congregate there feel a bit fresher themselves.

Standing in Line

Where’s the line going to be if your home has one? Typically, the bathroom. Especially if the house has only one or two, and your guests and family are over. To keep this space looking great, you’ll want to update and repair as necessary. Fresh paint goes a long way, even psychologically making the room feel fresher and more welcoming. If you’re staging your home, or even if you’re not planning to sell it right away, new throw rugs, a new shower curtain, and other simple additions can be cheap but pleasing ways to keep everything clean and appealing.

Painting Inside, too

Don’t forget the interior paint, though. New paint can create an invigorating space that brightens, adds drama, or generally makes any room more pleasant. Again, paint is relatively inexpensive, fun to experiment with, and a dramatic way to improve your home’s value. Put your home in the best light for potential buyers. Even if they decide to change the color later, you can enchant them with the right appealing shades.

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