Top 5 Tips To Identify Original Eames Lounge Chairs

Eames lounge chair has become an ultimate symbol of style and relaxation.

Since it has been adorning our homes for more than 56 years, it is important to know about its first manufacturer Herman Miller who has assembled each piece by hand.

He designed this iconic piece of furniture for today’s high-end market which is now manifesting the current brilliant modern art movement.

However, the problem is, very few people can identify original Eames lounge chairsfrom the fake ones and the reason is their undeniable resemblance in base, shells, wood, cushions, and dimensions.

But don’t worry, you do not need to scroll old vintage guides to identify an original chair, I am here to unleash some important tips that can help you spot an original Eames lounge chair within minutes.

  1. Check Out The Recumbent Feature Of Eames Lounge Chairs:

The way the seat tilts back is one of the features that make the chair so convenient and comfortable. Because the weight of the lower back and spine are stripped away.

This configuration was made without alteration to rest in a reclining posture. If you find any other similar chair which has a reclining function to adjust the tilt, then it is a key sign that it’s not an original Eames chair.

  • Measure The Size Of The Eames Lounge Chair:

Most of the Eames lounge chair replicas would not fulfill the Eames style criteria, usually, they are different in measures.

Here you can check for some unique measures.

  • Original Eames lounge chair size will be 32 inches from the bottom to the headrest whereas many replicas will be different in size may be a difference will be more the 10 inches taller than the original.
  • The edge of the front seat is about 15 inches off the ground but remember in the market you will find some replicas with the same measurement.
  • Do Not Forget To Check The Shell Specifics And Labels:

Each original Eames lounge chair has been labelled with various kinds of paper labels. Few of the labels identified that this chair has made by Herman Miller, and rest will provide us a patent information. Labels were put either under a pillow or a cushion however these kinds of labels may be removed or vanished with the passage of time.

Two important details can also help you to recognize that is it an original or replica?

The three molded plywood shells which make up the exterior will have no visible screw.

Consider the number of layers used in the shell construction. Five layers in the antique version whereas seven in the new edition.

  • Examine The Foot And The Base:

The legs of the original Eames lounge chair have a certain unique angle made to bear a maximum weight but are not vertical or flat. Whereas replica has a foundation of square feet or a shallow slope on the feet. You can see the ottoman. An original Eames Lounger has four legs rather than five in replica design.

  • The Price Difference:

The Old and the new version of Eames Lounger has the same price between $5000 to $6500 depending on the material used in production.

But Replica designer chairs usually sell in the range between $1200 to $1500. Your money is precious so must see for signs that validate whether it’s a replica of a legitimate deal.

Bottom Line:

Finding an original Eames is a challenging task in today’s crowded marketplace, especially when you are complementing it with replica designer furniture, you need to more careful to maintain a perfect interior look.

So, if you are going to buy an Eames lounge chair today, make sure you are following the above-mentioned tips for proper identification.