Upgrade your Living Room in 2021

2021 is here, and with it comes an array of interior trends waiting to be explored. So, how can you upgrade your space with some of these trends? Whether you’ve got your eyes on a brand new sofa or you’re simply wishing to inject something new into your  home, keep on reading to find out which trends to watch for 2021.

Bring the outside, in.

We’ve all spent more time at home this year than we are used too, with the effects of national lockdowns and quarantines being the focal point for much of 2020. This hasn’t gone un noticed by any of us. We’re keen to replicate the outdoors and the feeling of sunny days spent outside, in our homes.

Introduce natural elements, colours and textures into your space is easy, and a trend that’s gaining popularity so budget options are a plenty. Floral and plant inspired wall papers are becoming a hot trend, creating some brilliant contrast against neutral, block colours and understated, simple furniture.

House plants have seen a massive surge in popularity, and why shouldn’t they! When done right they can bring some serious balance to the room not to mention the additional benefits of cleaner air and a brighter, more natural feel to a space. Whether large floor plants, or charismatic hanging baskets house plants are a perfect way to bring the outside in, in the most obvious of ways.

Maximalism and expression

Another one of the boundless lessons that Covid-19 has taught us, is a heightened sense of what is important to us, individually and as communities and groups. This is being felt in our homes, a keen desire to express ourselves and our stories with reminders of what we hold dear.

The key to this trend is achieving balance, spending a larger portion of our time at home can often feel like we are living, working and relaxing all under one roof, well…because we are. This means that for a lot of us, we’re finding it harder to unwind. This is why surrounding yourself with things that make a clear distinction between personal life and work life can be a great thing. Over doing this however, can make it harder for us to relax in our homes and overwhelm our spaces.

A brilliant way to express your individuality, your likes, dislikes and the things that tell your story is to consider a gallery wall. This is one wall in your home, which features a carefully thought and dynamically displayed collection of your favourite things from favourite photographs to art work and even your favourite song or album mounted on the wall. Play around with colours, textures and sizes to create something unique and inspired that reflects exactly what you want to see in your home.

Contrast and Texture

Increased sustainability in our patterns and habits and a growing admiration and respect for the natural world, and our impact on this has seen us looking into sustainable and natural elements in our homes.

Natural textures against a backdrop of sleek industrial foundations such as concrete, are bursting onto the interior scene in 2021. Bringing with them a balance of natural elements and modern convenience and structure. The industrial elements make use of large open spaces with multi use rooms being a staple of 2021, opening up a space and feeling more free in our inside spaces, which have become pivotal in our lives this year. Maintaining raw, industrial elements of builds such as exposed brick and concrete and pairing these alongside leafy greenery, fresh cottons and thick chunky wools creates a brilliant contrast, relatively easily.

Feeling Grey

Grey is one of Pantones two colours of the year for 2021, meaning a slew of complementary colours are about to erupt into interior and homeware stores. Grey tones offer a neutral balance to a space, offering a fresh and open appearance, without the clinical feeling of a completely white interior. Using a foundation of Grey tones also guarantees any colours used in your space are bound to take the spotlight, while maintaining a balanced and proportioned aesthetic.

The versatility of Grey tones allows us to create a unique impression in our homes. Whether going for contemporary green-blue hues, connecting us to a technological future or a mellow and comforting haven partnered with a warm and vibrant yellow, Pantone’s second pick for colour of the year. One thing is certain, Grey will bring a balance to your space allowing you to experiment with your choice of colour in as much or as little saturation as you’ve envisioned, while maintaining an elegant balance that makes every decision look informed and intentional.