What to do if your balcony is leaking

ceiling leak repair specialist to help to do an accurate diagnosis of your ceiling. Following which, the professional would also be expected to provide waterproofing solutions to your leaking ceiling.

Worn Off Coating If you notice those patches around your balcony area, such as the flooring or walls, then it could be that the waterproofing layer that was previously applied has now worn off. Thus, it is crucial that you get a reliable waterproofing specialist to do the waterproofing work for you to ensure that the coating will last you for a long period of time.

Peeling of Paint Another sign that might indicate that your balcony is leaking is when you notice that there are peeling or splitting of paint around your balcony area. This could be a sign that the waterproofing membrane has worn off. Stains Stains are also another sign that your balcony would need fixing as it could be that the waterproofing layer has worn off.

Cracked Tiles Another possible situation is that your tiles are cracked or loose, which allows water to seep through the cracks and you might notice that your tiles produce a hollow noise whenever one walks over them. In this case, you might need to get a professional to remove the tiles and apply a waterproofing membrane on your tile. Grouting could be one of the solution. Nowadays it is common to find a suitable contractor that would provide a non-hacking solution for your leaking balcony. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing a balcony leak or ceiling leak, do start to do your research and look for a suitable contractor to do the work for you.