Why Would I Put Marble in my Kitchen?

It seems like you hear that you should not put marble in your kitchen much more often than you hear that you should use marble in your kitchen. However, there are reasons that you should consider marble for your kitchen surfaces. Many people are all for using marble in their kitchens for lot of different reasons. Marble countertops in Creve Coeur are actually common and people continue to love them.

Reasons to Use Marble in Your Kitchen

There are reasons that you should consider putting marble in your kitchen that you have probably not thought about. We are here to convince you that marble isn’t a complete no-no in your kitchen.


There is nothing quite like a big kitchen island that has a marble countertop. Marble is easily some of the most elegant stone available. Marble has been used for centuries and it is because it is so pretty and classic. Many people desire the look of marble in their homes enough to deal with the other more high maintenance aspects of marble.


There are no two marble slabs that are the same. Marble is unique to every kitchen. People who choose to put marble in their homes know that there are things that they have to be careful of, but it is worth it to them. The unique aspect of marble will make your kitchen countertops a statement piece inside of your home.

Heat Resistance

Marble is very soft and porous, but it can stand the test of high heat without faltering. Marble can handle high degrees of heat without any damage. People see being able to set their hot pan directly on the countertop of value more than they see having to seal the stone often as a hassle.

Home Value

Marble is very expensive. It should come as no surprise that marble countertops will increase the value of your home tremendously. Marble is also very classic. Marble is not going to go out of style in 5, 10, or even 30 years. People will continue to be awed by your marble countertops for many years to come. The value of your home will always benefit from marble surfaces.

You may have thought that marble was an absolute no for your family. Marble can be used in your kitchen, but you need to be aware of the tradeoffs that will come with the stone. You will need to be very careful to protect the surface from stains and etching. If you are willing to manage the side effects of marble, you may be very happy with it inside of your home.