10 Smart Hacks for Small Kitchen Designs

When you have a small kitchen interior and kitchen design, it only means that your space to entertain, eat, and cook is limited. While bombarding your countertops with containers, baskets, and jars is easy, it can still lead to the unorganized and messy look of your kitchen. Thus Carpenter in Bangalore is always there to help you solve this kind of problem.

In this article, you will know how to control a small space in your kitchen wisely. We will give you the 10 smart hacks for small kitchen designs. Whether you want a hidden organizer or vertical storage areas, these tips and tricks, with the help of Carpenter Bangalore will maintain your kitchen essentials in one storage area. 

 How to Find the Best Kitchen Carpenter

Finding trusted and reliable professionals to make your kitchen is quite hard. It is like the process of building your new house again. For you to find the best kitchen carpenter for you, follow these instructions properly. 

Begin Your Searcha great kitchen contractor will associate their services through an online company. Carpenters who usually post their services in terms of carpentry might be your best choice. Ensure that you will hire a local company or you can ask your friends and relatives for referrals. You might also consider searching for national companies that have local partners. 

Create a Listwhen you already listed for at least three to five potential companies for your kitchen, you can start setting an appointment for each. Precede a meeting inside your home with your family members. If you are invited to the office of your prospect contractor, it is a must for you to have detailed information about them. 

Kitchen Designs and Interiorwhen you choose your desired kitchen contractor, give them the kitchen interior and designs that you want. Kitchen remodeling might be costly, but it is worth the money. A great kitchen contractor will do their best to satisfy your desired interiors and design of your kitchen. 

Tips to Have Better Kitchen Area

Stay Clear Corners

To create fully functional appliance doors and cabinets, make each corner clear. Maintain your kitchen items way from its corners, and ensure that your doors will not bangle if the two doors will be opened at a similar period. 

Get Rid of Wasted Steps

Think about where and how often you usually use kitchen essentials. Place your breakfast bowls and foods close to your breakfast table. Ensure that the plastic containers and wraps are store in an area that is meant for wrapping leftovers. Place the flatware and dishware close to your dishwasher for the easier unloading method. 

Plan Landing Space

When you plan to design your small kitchen, make 15 inches of adjustment for your refrigerator and cooktop. Ensure that you will create a landing space close to your microwave. 

Fill it Up

A pot filler, or a “swing-out tap” must be attached close to your cooktop. You can fill your pots without removing it from its heating area. You might also consider installing a more extended hose to your faucet for you to fill the pots easily. 

1. Glass Jars Fixed to Shelves

When you are planning to have a new kitchen storing space, you might consider attaching the lids of the jars beneath the cabinet shelves to use the extra space creatively. 

2. Rolling Kitchen Carts

If you have a small kitchen area, add a kitchen cart as your stirring and chopping area. 

3. DIY Wine Rack

I know some of you love wines. If you’re a wine collector and don’t have enough space on where to store it, you can solve your problem by making a do-it-yourself wine rack that is made of bolts and woods. Consider making a vertical wine rack onto your wall to store your bottle of wines neatly.

4. Hidden Cabinet Organizer

Stop posting your electricity bills on your refrigerator when you can create a personalized organizer inside your cabinet. Magnets, clothespins, and hooks with paper designs can be the storing area of your gift certificates, photos, and bills. 

5. Trash Bags Beneath the Sink

If you have limited storing area beneath the sink of your kitchen, you can place a trash bag organizer under it. For easier access, place a curtain rod with brackets under your kitchen sink. This is where you will hang your preferred number of trash bags. 

6. Window Bar Table

If your kitchen space is too small to create a seating area or dining table, consider making a table on your window bars. 

7. Canned Food Organizer

Use your creativity in making a storage area by maximizing some spaces in your kitchen where you can hide some of your canned foods. You can create a sliding shelf near your wall and fridge for canned food and spices organizers. 

8. Sliding Wall Caddies and Baskets

Add rails on your walls for sliding caddies and baskets where you can store your cooking ingredients and kitchen utensils neatly. 

9. Magnetic Knife Rack

Save the space of your countertop by adding some magnetic knife racks where you can attach it on your wall. Use a magnet strip and wood to do this.

10. Chalkboard Wall and Vertical Storage

Use the small spaces for your kitchen area by being a handy and comfortable storing area. Hang your pans and pots with your vertical pegboard. 


Effective usage to your limited kitchen space and easy cooking are just some of the benefits that you can get when you have used your kitchen space effectively. Some of us don’t have enough kitchen area. Thus, using your kitchen area it as effective and efficient as possible is very important. Are you looking for the best kitchen contractor? You might consider the Carpenter Bangalore that will provide your kitchen with a nicer look. Carpenter Bangalore will offer you the high-quality kitchen designs and interior. They also offer furniture repair, home renovation, customized furniture, and more. If you want to experience their services, do not hesitate to visit their website