When Should You Call A Wildlife Removal Service?

  • Common signs of wildlife infestation

The biggest sign of wildlife infestation is weird noises in your attic or walls. You will hear different types of sounds from walking, scratching, chewing, and scampering. It could be mice, roof rats, squirrels, or raccoons. Mice, in particular, are very active at night and you will hardly hear them during the daytime. The rats take refuse the attics, kitchen, and walls and they like scratching at night. Squirrels find the attic much warmer than their natural habitats- trees and they are active during the day. Raccoon search for safer places to raise their young ones and the attic couldn’t be better. They rip open the roof and they can make heavy walking noises.

  • Why you must call wildlife professional

Problem wildlife removal and wildlife damage control ensure that the issue is dealt with in the most humane manner. Only a wildlife expert can take raccoon babies and take them to their mothers. Furthermore, the animals are supposed to be contained properly to ensure their protection. Then, you can rest assured that the professionals will take care of your home sanitation and place measures to prevent re-entry of such animals. Wildlife carries various diseases like rabies and salmonella whose symptoms are deadly. The problems of removing wild animals yourself include endangered species issue, animal attacks, airborne infections, poor repair of entry points, and locking out babies from their mothers. If you detect a sign of pest infestation, do not waste any time because the problem can quickly turn into a disaster. Mice, for instance, reproduce rapidly while bats can bring airborne diseases, making your home a health hazard. Squirrels, on the other side, damage your wooden beams and electrical cables.

  • Additional services

Wildlife damage control services go beyond removing animals from your property. Besides trapping the animals, the professionals do the following: identification of the root cause of infestation; removal of dead animals; attic cleaning and remodeling; damage repairs; emergency services; and application of preventative measures. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, bats, skunks, and birds are some of the animals that cause damage to your property. But they must be trapped in the most humane way and poisoning it is not an option. Killing an innocent wildlife is cruel and you might put yourself at risk as an animal tries to defend itself. Note that these animals love their babies and you cannot get near them when their mother is around. If you notice strange smells and sounds, animal droppings, and regular sightings, know that wild animals have taken refuge in your property. Do not take the matter in your hands but call an expert ASAP.